Emergency Support Function 15

What is Community Services' Role in Disaster?
Through a designation in St. Lucie County’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, the Department of  Community Services is the primary agency for coordinating volunteers and donations during times of disaster under the Emergency Support Function 15 (ESF 15). 

The purpose of this Emergency Support Function is to provide a central point for the coordination of information and activities of voluntary agencies, faith-based and community organizations, and private industry responding in times of disaster as well as the effective utilization of spontaneous volunteers and donated goods.  Volunteers and donations have become vital to effective disaster responses and recovery. 

How You Can Help in Times of Disaster? Register in advance to help in times of disaster…
Find out what training is available in your area, enroll and become affiliated with an experienced disaster relief organization. There are numerous organizations that can provide training and volunteer opportunities to residents interested in helping during times of disaster and the recovery that follows.  Learn more about how you can assist St. Lucie County better prepare for disaster!




Mustard Seed Ministries - 772-465-6021

Salvation Army - 772-464-4846



Habitat for Humanity/ReStore - 772-464-1117

Salvation Army - 772-464-4846


Clothing/Household Goods

Mustard Seed - 772-65-6021

Salvation Army - 772-464-4846

Goodwill -  Fort Pierce: 772-461-9727

                    Port St. Lucie: 772-398-8448


Volunteers can …

  • Promote family preparedness by distributing educational materials
  • Prepare and distribute meals to victims and relief workers
  • Assist with the placement and tracking of victims in evacuation shelters
  • Provide child care for disaster survivors as well as rescue workers and early responders
  • Compile and distribute disaster recovery information 
  • Answer phones & questions at volunteer intake or disaster recovery centers
  • Provide debris removal and clean-up assistance to the elderly or disabled
  • Assist the elderly or disabled with installing &/or removing hurricane shutters
  • Provide ice and water at distribution sites to those in need
  • Assist with damage assessments

Along with our partner organizations and countless volunteers, St. Lucie County Community Services helps Floridians pick up the pieces when disaster strikes.  Please contact us today at 772-462-1777 to find out ways to join us in our continued preparedness initiative making a stronger St. Lucie County, a stronger Florida!

When Making Donations

Financial contributions are preferred …

  • Cash donations help to avoid the labor and expense of sorting, packing, transporting and distributing donated goods. Visit the SAFER St. Lucie page to make credit card donations.
  • Voluntary relief agencies use cash to meet victims' specific needs more quickly.
  • Purchasing relief supplies available in the impacted community helps the local economy to recover more quickly.

Donate through an experienced organization …

  • Relief agencies prefer the versatility of cash donations; however, some have the infrastructure in place to store and distribute donated goods. Food and gas gift cards are also a valuable donation.
  • To prevent waste, donations of goods should be made only to agencies that have requested specific items.
  • Coordination with a relief organization is essential to ensure that the right goods in the right amounts are collected, and that transportation, warehousing and distribution will go smoothly. 

A Picture paints a 1,000 words…

Huge Amount of Donations(Know what is needed before you donate or a bigger problem may be created!)



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